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Body Piercing Subiaco WA

Our Story

Helllooo! It's Moose!

 Well, who am I? I am Moose Body Piercing, the owner, head piercer, admin, cleaner, front of house, and everything in between. I have a great passion for body piercing and all things body modification! It's safe to say that I've found my home in the tattoo/piercing studio.


It's safe to say, I was not super confident with how I looked growing up and I wanted to experiment with my appearance - the colour of my hair, add piercings, get tattoos. The more I made those changes, the more 'me' I felt. It was liberating and exciting. I now get the absolute privilege of facilitating those experiences for others, which is honestly the best part of my job! That moment when the client looks in the mirror takes a biggggg gasps and goes 'OMG I LOVE IT! I USE TO HATE (insert body part here) BUT NOW I'M OBSESSED' is the greatest feeling for both the client and myself. 

I want everyone who comes into my space to feel like they are cared for, to feel like they have a place to be themselves, to not have to hide who they truly are, and to leave feeling like they've gained a new friend. When people come to see me and they fill out their consent forms, it comes with options for preferred pronouns, preferred levels of conversation, and options for sensory/stim toys.

One of my other great passions is piercing children. Before becoming a body piercing, I was studying primary school education and worked in childcare facilities. I loved that role but found body piercing to be my one true love. But how amazing is it when I get to combine the two? I love teaching children about consent, their bodies, and hygiene! I come equipped with lollies, stickers, and certificates to make sure your child has the best possible experience! 

Moose Body Piercing Subiaco WA
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